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Regarding ALL contents:

All the contents are reviewed and checked before publishing by our PharmD Doctors team. However, if found any mistakes, do write to us.

Regarding information on PharmD/ PharmD PB:

Information is collected from various genuine sources and quality is maintained, so as to build and maintain trust among the same of us.

Regarding PharmD Case Studies:

PharmD Case Studies are completely for online study purposes. PharmDia does not advise any treatment regimen practically. If one suffers any disease condition, do refer to your nearest doctor and never do self-treatment based on the information published on this website.

Also, an online case study is not an alternative to practical practice. Conditions are much more different practically. Here, the case studies are only for reference and learning purposes.

Case answers are evidence-based.

Regarding Guidelines/ Research Articles and related:

All the contents uploaded are completely for study purposes. PharmDia does not advise directly using the guidelines /articles for treatment purposes. All the guidelines are taken from respective authorities. As we observed that several PharmDians are facing difficulty finding the right guidelines and access to all the sites, as all the references are not mentioned according to Indian Guidelines. We thank wholeheartedly the authorities to give direct access to the content.

Regarding YouTube links:

We endorse your work nothing more, nothing less.

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