Doctor of Pharmacy

Doctor of Pharmacy  or Pharm.D or PharmD is the advanced version of Pharmacy, that has now been established in all  the developed countries and rising in the developing countries. Read more…

Why to choose Pharm.D course?

Wondering !! whether to select Pharm.D course or not?!. Here are the points that will help you decide to choose Pharm.D or not.

Best Pharm.D colleges in India 2021

Observing your need to select better suited college for pursuing your future course. We have made a preferred list of best Pharm D colleges in India.

Pharm.D colleges in India. Must view.

It contains the list of Pharm.D colleges in India. The list is arranged according to distance between institution and associated hospital.

PCI notices for Pharm.D

PCI notifications related to Pharm.D are uploaded for easy access.

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