We observed the need of Pharm.D (Doctor of Pharmacy) college selection, among the new students trying to get admission in Pharm.D course.
PharmDia worked and made a basic list, that any student approaching to Pharm.D or Pharm.D (PB) can prefer/take help to get admission.

All the colleges in the list are from the list of approved institutions by PCI 2020.

Pharm.D/Pharm.D (PB) is completely a clinical oriented course. Hospital ward rounds/postings play a key role in the Pharm.D curriculum (while pursuing Pharm.D, it can be easily observed). That’s why, we chose it main criteria for college ranking, as the least will be the distance, the more frequent will be hospital wards round involvement and more practical exposure to students. So, the colleges having associated hospital in campus or within a radius of 5km should be preferred for taking admission in Pharm.D or Pharm.D (PB).

STATE-WISE LIST: click on State name below to view list & scroll left

Colleges which has newly started Pharm.D and the associated hospital is in the campus may also be not given priority, if they have not recruited Pharm.D (or pharmacy practice) qualified faculty. Because clinical lecturer or PharmD lecturers will better explain the syllabus, as compared to other.( as multiple response recorded and survey conducted among Pharm.D students.)

A/c to Pharm.D amendment regulations 2019, distance between college and hospital shall not be more than 30 km by road.

Moreover other criteria are also taken in consideration for the ranking of top colleges and for giving priority to colleges with same distance. 

Colleges with distance difference between college and affiliated hospital, less than 2.0 km are selected in the list of top colleges.

If you find any missing/incorrect data, write to us, and help improving the list.

Please note that if the course is approved only for the “conduct of study” and not u/s 12 of the Pharmacy Act for the purpose of registration as a pharmacist, students are not eligible for registration. 

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