Why to choose Pharm.D (PB)

Doctor of Pharmacy (Post Baccalaureate) is meant for those who want to understand the concepts of clinical research and acquire an in-depth understanding of Pharmacy Practice concepts.

How is Doctor of Pharmacy (Post Baccalaureate) Course Beneficial? According to 2021 scenario.

  • Pharm.D PB enables one to prefix the title of ‘Dr.’ for practicing Pharmacy Profession.
  • Pharm.D PB enables you to work directly with patients.
  • Pharm.D PB doctors are able to work in a wider array of practice settings and positions than ever before, as Pharmacists.
  • Clinical Pharmacy is emerging fast , covering the healthcare sector in developing countries.
  • However, abroad options are also available , as Pharm.D is well recognised in developed countries.
  • Pharm.D is a registrable qualification for practicing pharmacy profession under the Pharmacy Act.
  • This is the only course that ensures you to stand tall among the healthcare professionals with the vast knowledge of drugs and its therapeutic use for minor as well as major diseases.
  • After completing Pharm.D, candidates are eligible for any job sectors in pharmacy field for which other pharmacy graduates or post graduates are eligible, furthermore can  undergo different residency programmes, Ph.D. programme and several other study options are also available there.




Qns: Pharm.D (PB) or M.Pharm Pharmacy Practice, what to choose after B.Pharm?

Ans: M.Pharm Pharmacy Practice, also enable one to avail almost same facilities as that of Pharm.D in the field of Pharmacy practice.

Also, M.Pharm Pharmacy Practice is comparatively less duration course than that of Pharm.D (PB), and low fees too.
But according to experts, the days are not far when M.Pharm Pharmacy Practice will totally be replaced with Pharm.D (PB).
M. Pharm Pharmacy Practice was started to lay down the path for introduction of Doctor of Pharmacy, and it did well as of experts.
Pharm.D (PB) students are given proper exposure to clinical subjects and allowed to participate in hospital ward rounds along with Pharm.D students and share experiences in clinical field.
Also, now-a-days several vacancies are available specially for Pharm.D (M.Pharm Pharmacy practice is not included in some)
So, if you have not to adjust with the financial situation, just go for Pharm.D(PB) from a renowned college.

Prefer that college where Pharm.D is already running at its pace for proper exposure. 
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