Why to choose PharmD?

PharmD ward rounds: PharmDia

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) Degree is meant for those who want to understand the concepts of clinical research and acquire an in-depth understanding of Pharmacy Practice concepts.
How is Doctor of Pharmacy Course Beneficial? According to 2021 scenario. (Why PharmD?)

  • PharmD enables one to prefix the title of ‘Dr.’ for practicing Pharmacy Profession.
  • PharmD enables you to work directly with patients in hospital settings.
  • PharmD are able to work in a wider array of practice settings and positions than ever before, as Pharmacists.
  • This is the only branch after Medical sector which enables you to deal directly with patients, physicians and other healthcare staffs for better patient care.
  • Clinical Pharmacy is emerging fast , covering the healthcare sector in developing countries.
  • Now, the Govt of India has also recognised Pharm.D as Clinical Pharmacists and has given a separate recognition apart from general Pharmacists.
  • Several Govt hospitals like Tata Memorial Hospital, JIPMER ; and Several private hospitals and Several industries/ companies are accepting Pharm.D as per current scenario. 
  • Concrete way is being paved by govt for general acceptance of Pharm.D, all over the country( but is rather slow process).
  • As emerging Pharm.D will soon be covering insurance, sports and other related sectors too.
  • However, abroad options are also available , as Pharm.D is well recognised in developed countries.
  • Pharm. D is a registrable qualification for Practicing pharmacy profession under the Pharmacy Act.
  • After completing Pharm.D, candidates are eligible for any job sectors in pharmacy field for which other pharmacy graduates or post graduates are eligible, furthermore can  undergo different residency programmes, Ph.D. programme and several other study options are also available there.

If you have more questions related to Pharm.D or Pharm.D PB. Click here to see Pharm.D FAQs.

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