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Best PharmD fellowship in India

Best Fellowships for Pharm.D (Doctor of Pharmacy) in India. PharmD Fellowship or Residency are one of the golden opportunities for the Indian Pharm.D graduates to specialize themselves and gain a thorough knowledge of specialized departments. PharmD fellowships are super speciality programs for Pharm.D graduates. The Residency/Fellowship in Clinical Pharmacy is a structured, directed, salaried postgraduate […]

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PharmD FAQs

Pharm.D Frequently Asked Questions In India, Pharm.D / Doctor of Pharmacy is still a new term to a lot of general public and healthcare providers & stakeholders. There are always several questions in mind related to Pharm.D and its scope. That’s why we have designed and covered PharmD FAQs, related to Doctor of Pharmacy. Lets

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PhD after Pharm.D

Doctor of Philosophy(PhD/Ph.D) in India Options for Ph.D after Pharm.D (Doctor of Pharmacy) in India Pharm.D graduates are eligible to directly pursue Ph.D after they have completed their Pharm.D degree. Following are the current Ph.D branches which a PharmD doctor can select and pursue the same:  Ph.D in Pharmacy Practice Duration : 3 years Level

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Pharm.D Books

Pharm.D books pdf free download Text Books and reference books that a PharmD should refer are collected from various source and provided here for easy access. All Pharm.D books pdf free download according to year. Click on the name of the book to view or download ebook free. Additional Reference books for Pharm.D students are

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PCI notices for Pharm.D

PCI notices for Pharm.D This section ” PCI notices for Pharm.D ” contains all notices and circulars that has been released by Pharmacy Council of India since the introduction of the course in India.  Source: Pharmacy Council of India Enrolment of all Pharm D.Institutions as ADR Monitoring Centre (AMC) under Pharmacovigilance Programme of India (PvPL)-reg.

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Why to choose PharmD?

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) Degree is meant for those who want to understand the concepts of clinical research and acquire an in-depth understanding of Pharmacy Practice concepts. How is Doctor of Pharmacy Course Beneficial? According to 2021 scenario. (Why PharmD?) PharmD enables one to prefix the title of ‘Dr.’ for practicing Pharmacy Profession. PharmD enables

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What is Pharm.D?

Pharm.D is a Professional Pharmacy Doctoral Programme. ‘Pharm.D’ is a Latin term which stands for ‘Pharmaciae Doctor’ which means ‘Doctor of Pharmacy’. The course is also known as Pharma.D, which many of the medical institutes prefer to term it as such. It is a registrable qualification under the Pharmacy Act 1948. Pharmacy Council of India

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